The Stutterer's Survival Guide Vol. 2

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The Stutterer’s Survival Guide 2 is designed to accompany the original Stutterer’s Survival guide rather than replace it.  The Stutterer’s Survival Guide 2 provides practical effective strategies to improve your communication skills despite being a person who stutters.

This book provides guidance to a person who stutters as to how to:

• Improve conversation skills tobuild rapport despite stuttering

• Build a fluency tool kit

• Disclose and ‘claim your space’

• Get the job — Improve your job search and job interview skills

• Improve your ability to manage anxiety


There is also an update on research into genetics, technology and medical treatment.

A chapter is dedicated to an interview with Dr Susan Block, Senior lecturer, School of Human Communication Sciences, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, on how to choose a speech technique and how to best engage with speech pathologists


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