Bulk Order - Answers for Educators (lot of 25)

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School Age Child Who Stutters: Answers for Educators (25 for $5.00)

One of the most important aspects of the NSA's mission is to help children who stutter learn to communicate more easily and more effectively in their every-day environments. And, one of the most important environments for young children who stutter is the classroom.

Give this brochure to your teacher or all the teachers at your school!


Give this brochure to teachers in your community.  Network with friend and family.

You can help children who stutter to become more successful in the classroom by providing an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. Often, this can be challenging if you are not sure how to respond when the child stutters, or what to do to help him get the most out of the classroom experience.

You CAN help children who stutter feel better about themselves, communicate more easily, and get more benefit from their daily classroom interactions. Together, we can brighten the world for school-age children who stutter!


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