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Death and taxes may be inevitable, but the disappearance of Stutt-L from our lives is not. Given all the heartfelt gratitude for the "original" Stutt-L, which we share, Judy Kuster, Vivian Sisskin and I have set up a new home for Stutt-L on Googlegroups. Below we provide instructions for people to sign on, and keep the Stutt-L spirit alive and well. As we attempt to keep the legacy of Stutt-L and its service to PWS, SLPs, families and all with a deep interest in stuttering research and practice alive, we want once more to thank the people at Temple University who helped to establish and maintain the original list, to Woody Starkweather for starting this important initiative, and to Russ Hicks for shepherding Stutt-L these many recent years.

And now...the debut of the new list:

The new Stutt-l (like a phoenix rising from the ashes;-) is ready for people to subscribe! Thanks Vivian for ALL of your hard work. Instructions for how to subscribe are printed below, so scroll down for details...

Once your subscription request is processed by the list moderators, you will receive an automated confirmation email message at your Gmail address.

Copies of the instructions on how to subscribe to the list are written below and are also available at the following link at the Stuttering Home Page:

We hope to see you "on the other side" as one great list serv graciously says farewell, and another hopes to carry on its legacy,

All our very best,
Judith Kuster
Vivian Sisskin
Nan Bernstein Ratner

Subscribing to the Stutt-L Google Group

1 Subscription

You may subscribe to Stutt-L in one of two ways; either using an email address of your choice, or with a Google/Gmail account.

1.1 Using a standard email address
You may subscribe to and participate in list discussions using any standard email account by sending an empty message to Your request to join will be added
Stutt-L+to a queue for the list moderators to approve. Once your subscription request is processed, you will receive an automated confirmation email message.

You may start a new list thread by sending a message to

To respond to a list post, simply use the Reply function in your email program.

Unsubscribe from the list at any time by sending a blank message to

1.2 Subscribing with a Google account
Additional functionality is available to you by signing up using a Google/Gmail account. In addition to posting and responding to list posts normally via email, you may view list threads and archives of past postings in a convenient web interface. You also have the ability to set a variety of options, such as message delivery format and frequency.

To subscribe using a Google account, navigate to and follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Google/Gmail account, and request to join the the Stutt-L group.


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